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      We insist on the people-oriented corporate culture, constantly to create an outstanding talent to give full play to the environment, to provide good treatment and broad personal development.

      Talent is the most important resource, high-quality talent to create business value, sustainable development, focused source of strength.

      ZJCOF adheres to the "people-oriented", respect knowledge, respect talent: To create a good development space for the talents --- to keep people for their careers; To have skills and performance as the main indicator of the salary structure and improved the welfare policy ---- to keep people by good treatment; To create a good corporate culture atmosphere, and constantly enhance cohesion --- to keep people by feelings.

      ZJCOF has established a scientific human resources management system and gradually improve the operating system of personal full potential talents, for everyone to play their own space capabilities, to achieve self-worth.

      Both ability and integrity to moral for the first;
      Have both ability and virtue ---- reuse; Talented person without virtue ---- caution;
      No ability but moral person --- use after training; No ability with no moral person --- no use;
      Ability--- Only the ability to complete the work;
      Virtue --- identify with concept of corporate culture, and to put into practice.
      We welcome more talented people to join our ranks to.

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